Saturday, June 8, 2019


Yes, it's that time again. That magical time of year when people forget that you're allowed to read during autumn, winter and spring. Whatever, I don't get it, but I know people buy lots of books in the summer, so why not mine?

Here is your annual guide to the GALLEONS LAP Collection for kids of all ages (except 83 1/2). I'm sure you'll find something you'll like here. And if not...well, let me know what you like, and I'll try and write that for next year.

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Now that Disney's remake of 'Aladdin' is in theaters, your kids might be interested in reading more about the original Arabian Nights Tales. But that book is super long, boring and, quite frankly, dirty. That's why MY version is much better starting point for your kids to explore these great stories. $8


Do you have a precocious daughter who you love completely but who also drives you insane? Then this is the book for her! Freely adapted from Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes stories, these kid-friendly mysteries are all about a brilliant little girl who emulates the Great Detective with help from her best friend/sidekick, Warren. $7.50

MORE IN THIS SERIES: Shelly Hobbes Returns, Shelly Hobbes Grows Up


A fantasy adventure about a girl who, despite being loathed by her own father, becomes powerful enough to save her entire village from an evil warlord. Features humor, romance, an adorable pet porcupine and one insane granddad. Probably good for middle school type readers who aren't quite ready for The Hunger Games but are a bit too big for the Caldecott titles. $8


Little boys tend not to want to read books about girls, which is deeply upsetting and endemic of a struggling society, but that's not why we're here. We're here to sell my books, so let's talk about Owen. Owen and his family (his dad, stepdad and stepsister, Carol) have just moved to the small town of Santa Mina, California, which is overflowing with supernatural weirdness. In the first volume, Owen and his sister encounter The Ghost Dog of Santa Mina and their adventures in the world of the paranormal are just beginning. These books are a bit like Goosebumps-light. $6.50

MORE IN THIS SERIES: The Witch Across The Street, Monsters and Hunters, Trick Or Treat...Or Death?!, The New Kid On The Block and Secret of the Kringles


Kids hate Shakepseare. We all know it. But I love Shakespeare, which is why I went ahead and wrote this YA novel adaptation of one of his most beloved plays. If you can get them to give it a try (that's your job; I can't do everything!), they'll find the entire, uncensored and unabridged plot of the play without the old-fashioned language. Not as dry as Cliffs Notes, but not as dense as the real thing. $5.50


This book is the end result of nearly a decade of studying fairy tales. Seeking out rare and obscure titles from all over the world, delving into their history and watching every episode of Jim Henson's The Storyteller at least twice. Herein, you and your children will find a collection of light, entertaining fairy tales. Some are new adaptations of classic tales, some are loosely based on old stories, some are brand new and made up by me and me alone. You won't find Snow White or Cinderella in here, but you'll find plenty of magic, adventure, romance, humor and lots and lots of happy endings. $9


This one is kind of my favorite at the moment (but don't tell Shelly I said that). A sci-fi adventure about a boy genius named Hugo who invents a time machine and uses it first to ace a history report and then to convince the author of his favorite book series to change the ending of the final volume. Will he succeed in saving his favorite franchise? How will his friends Nikola, the bird, and Ashley, the person, fit in? And who is the mysterious Tall Man who seems to be following him around? Find out in this exciting (and historically accurate) time travel adventure! $7


You've heard of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. But did you know there was another brilliant writer of fairy tales working at around the same time? His name was Freddy Flunkerer and, for the first time in centuries, his stories are available in English for a whole new generation of kids to totally ignore. No, seriously, if your kids like fairy tales they should definitely explore these. $6



My first ever full-length, adult-type novel is about Shelly Hobbes, the girl detective from a few paragraphs ago, all grown up and getting back into the world of detective work after an absence of ten years. If you've read the other books, you'll like this one. BUT, even if you haven't, you can start with this one cuz it gives you all the exposition you require. Fans of Sherlock will enjoy the allusions and references peppered throughout. Fans of clever women outsmarting bad guys will also enjoy it. $14


Dylan Flaherty just met the girl of his dreams...literally. The woman he's been dreaming about at night is a real person in the real world. Not only that, but she's a witch. Now Dylan has found true love, but he's also found a world of danger as he has been pulled into the secret world of contemporary witchcraft. Aiding Dylan on this adventure are his brother and sister, a shape-shifter, a dwarf and a chicken who watches television. This is my most ambitious (and grown up) novel to date. It was also really hard to write, so if it would start to sell that'd be awesome. $15


In this novella, you will meet Daphne, an elderly woman with an amazing story to tell. She's had some rough times in her long life. But whenever things got bad, her "Uncle Charlie" would appear and help her through it. He couldn't take away the pain, but he added joy and wonder and love. $6


This is an anthology to which I contributed two short stories. "The Most Important Day Ever" is about a man going through his daily routine with the knowledge that something hugely important is going to happen before the day is over. "No Story" tells of a writer struggling to come up with a story idea while all kinds of incredible things keep happening to distract him.

That's all for now, though there will doubtless be more titles forthcoming. If you have any further questions, let me know. In the meantime, Happy Summer Reading Every-People!

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