Sunday, May 5, 2019


Today is the day! I embark on my mission to follow in da footsteps of my hero, Jane Goodall. She lived among the chimpanzees, as you may or may not have heard. I, too, wish to live among some guys. But I won't be going to the jungles of Africa or Wherever Chimpanzees Are From. No, my feet are pointed firmly in the direction of the Wilds of Alaska.

For it is there, my children, that the wild pillows roam free.

This has been my dream. To live among the indigenous pillows of the Northy Places. I'm all set. I've got all linen clothes with lots of padding so that the pillows will accept me as one of their own. So farewell! I am off to study Pillowology!


The pillows have accepted me as one of their own. It was super easy. I don't think pillows are very smart.


Since arriving here yesterday, I have taken six hundred naps. Life among the pillows is good.


I encountered the pillow's only known predator: The Bed Bug!

And that's really all I have so far. You see where I'm going with this, but I just don't have the energy to finish it right now. Maybe I'll pick it up later this month. Sorry, this one's not great, but you try creating thirty-one days of original content and see how you do.

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