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It's time for summer reading! Not that I actually know what that is. But, apparently, a lot of people only read in the summer. In fact, some schools stupidly force kids to read during the summer, which seems like a mistake to me. Take something fun and turn it into homework at a time when you're not supposed to have any homework and it's no wonder so many kids are turned off to reading.

But, I digress.

It IS time for summer reading, and Galleons Lap is here to help! Our collection contains titles for everyone, and this handy-dandy guide will help you determine which book(s) to buy for your kid(s):

1001 Arabian Nights
WHAT IS IT? A new version of the classic Arabian Nights tales (Aladdin, Ali Baba, etc) specifically written for contemporary readers.
WHAT HAPPENS? To save herself and her kingdom from a cursed king, a clever woman called Scheherazade tells the king story after story, all intertwined and connected, so that it takes a thousand and one nights to finish. Stories include the adventures of Sindbad, the unlucky sailor, a prince who is turned into a monkey, a hunchback who gets the last laugh on all his friends, a peasant whose life is changed by a magic lamp and many more unforgettable adventures.
WHO WILL LIKE IT? Kids who like exciting adventure stories with magic and mystery will probably enjoy this one. It's not very long and there are pictures, so it shouldn't be too overwhelming.
THE FIRST PARAGRAPH: In ancient times there lived a sultan, a king, who ruled over his people with a kind and understanding hand. The rest of him was pretty nice, too. Why was the king so nice? Why was he so favorable and happy? Because he had the love of a beautiful woman. He made her his sultana (like a queen) and they lived together in wedded bliss for many years, and the people of the kingdom were very happy which, I know sounds more like the end of a fairy tale than the beginning, but just wait.
Also available as an ebook

Shelly Hobbes: Master Detective
WHAT IS IT? An adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories for young readers.
WHAT HAPPENS? An orphan named Shelly idolizes the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, and wants to be just like him. With the help of her best friend, Warren (her own personal "Dr. Watson"), she solves many baffling mysteries. Who stole the answers to the big test? Why did the Redheads' Club disband? And what is the secret of the monstrous dog who haunts Grimpin Park?
WHO WILL LIKE IT? Fans of stories about cool girls like Nancy Drew or Harriet the Spy will probably like Shelly's adventures. If they know Sherlock, they'll enjoy this new take on the stories. If not, it could be a good way to introduce them to the adventures of that great detective. Sorry to say, boys probably won't want to read it because it's about a girl, but try anyway.
SAMPLE: Shelly Hobbes and the Bro-He-Men Scandal
ALSO AVAILABLE: Shelly Hobbes Returns and The Shelly Hobbes Casebook
Also available as an ebook

Once Upon a Time and Long Ago
WHAT IS IT? 30 silly fairy tales for kids of all ages.
WHAT HAPPENS? You won't find stories like Snow White and Cinderella in this book. Everyone knows those stories, and I'll never be able to do them as well as Walt Disney did anyway, so why bother? No, I've collected thirty lesser known stories from all over the world, and even thrown in one or two originals. These stories are light-hearted, entertaining, funny and uplifting (you might even learn something from them,  but don't let that turn you off entirely).
WHO WILL LIKE IT? Fairy tale fans will enjoy learning about characters besides Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood. We also recommend this title for people who like funny stories, like the works of A. A. Milne and Edward Lear. Also, and this is neither here nor there, but that previous sentence is the first time I ever spelled the word "recommend" correctly on the first try! Yay for me!
SAMPLE STORY: "The Sword Tree"
ALSO AVAILABLE: Long Ago and Far Away and And They All Lived Happily Ever After
Also available as an ebook

Owen Harris: Paranormal Investigator #1, The Ghost Dog of Santa Mina
WHAT IS IT? A ghost story about the world's foremost ten-year-old paranormal investigator, Owen Harris!
WHAT HAPPENS? When Owen Harris moves into a new house, he finds a ghost in his sister's closet. Taking everything he's learned from his favorite movie hero, Ace Hunter, Owen investigates the ghost to discover what it's "unfinished business" might be.
WHO WILL LIKE IT? The Owen Harris books are intended for kids who are just starting to read chapter books on their own. Fans of books like Encyclopedia Brown or Goosebumps will enjoy the silly, supernatural stories and they are very easy reads so they're not too daunting.
SAMPLE: Meet Owen Harris HERE
ALSO AVAILABLE: The Witch Across the Street and You're Dating a Werewolf!

Flunkerer's Fables
WHAT IS IT? 20 fairy tales from the long-forgotten writer, Freddy Flunkerer.
WHAT HAPPENS? In addition to twenty wonderfully unusual fairy tales, you will also find the story of Freddy Flunkerer, who lived hundreds of years ago in a country that no longer exists and who nobody ever even heard of until I discovered an old copy of one of his books and translated it. Freddy saw things differently and his fairy tales were different, too. Sometimes, the beautiful princess was the bad guy and sometimes the fire-breathing dragon was the hero.
WHO WILL LIKE IT? Readers of books like The Princess Bride, Wicked or J. K. Rowling's Tales of Beedle the Bard will enjoy these fractured fairy tales. We also recommend it for kids who are starting to feel that they're getting "too old" for fairy tales. It might rekindle their love of fantasy. At least I hope it will.
SAMPLE STORY: "The Woodcutter and His Son"
Also available as an ebook

The Epic of Gabria
WHAT IS IT? A young adult novel full of adventure, magic, excitement and even romance.
WHAT HAPPENS? Gabria is the unwanted daughter of a powerful chieftain. But when a bigger, more terrible man comes to take over their village, Gabria must save her people from his tyrannical rule. She is aided by her new friend Asa, who is the worst hunter who ever lived, her ever faithful pet porcupine, Autsch, a couple of silly old people and even a dragon!
WHO WILL LIKE IT? Gabria is a lovable, relatable heroine that girls will like immediately. If you like books like Island of the Blue Dolphins you're sure to enjoy this story.
FIRST PARAGRAPH: Way up North, in the Northiest Northernmost Northland (well, maybe not quite that North, but still pretty North as Northness goes) there lived a terrible Warrior King who traveled the land conquering every village and township he came across. He would just show up one day, announce he was in command, use up all the town’s resources, then move on, taking only the biggest and strongest with him to his next conquest. He was called Krieger Konig and this is the story of how he was defeated and how the world was changed not by force, violence or cruelty, but by love and courage and by the true strength of a clever girl called Gabria.
Also available as an ebook

Incidentally, all of these titles are also available at Amazon and other online retailers. 

So check out the Galleons Lap collection today and have a great summer!

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