Thursday, September 24, 2015

Freddy Flunkerer's THE EPIC OF GABRIA--Now Available

The latest addition to the Galleons Lap Collection is now available from most online booksellers:

From the tragically ignored Freddy Flunkerer comes this ancient legend of his now defunct homeland, Jolsonburg (that's pronounced "YOLE-sun-burg," by the way), retold as only Freddy could.

Gabria has been ignored all her life by a father who never wanted her. But when a savage warlord comes to destroy her village, she's the only one who can save her people. With the help of Asa, the world's worst hunter, and Autsch, the surprisingly loyal porcupine, Gabria discovers her true power and learns what real strength is. There's also a crazy old man, a talking bush and a dragon.

Get your copy today!

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