Friday, May 15, 2015


1001 Arabian Nights

There are a lot of terrific stories in the Arabian Nights Collection. The trouble is that they're hidden in pages and pages of long, boring, repetitive nonsense most of which is not suitable for children...or adults...or anyone really. But that's why you're lucky to have me! I took the good bits, cleaned up some of the other bits and put them together in a new version suitable for kids and people of all kinds of ages.

The Sultan has been cursed into hating all women! He vows to take a wife for one night, execute her the next morning, and take another wife the next night. Thankfully, the clever Scheherazade volunteers to be his first bride and entertains her new husband with a long, complex story which takes more than one night to tell. When it's over, she starts a new story and so on and so on for one thousand and one nights to save not only her life, but the lives of her entire kingdom and the soul of her beloved king.

Along the way, read all about the poor boy who finds a genie in a lamp and becomes a prince, or the impoverished merchant and his family who outwit a band of terrible thieves. Meet the hunchback who spent his life (and death) making people laugh or the prince who got turned into a monkey, or travel with Sindbad on one of his voyages across the seven seas.

The stories are exciting, entertaining and (because this is Galleons Lap) full of nonsense. Buy your copy today right HERE.

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